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You can control whether Asian fonts are embedded

Audio Includes audio files, such as MP3 and MP4 You can play these files on a page or activate them from a link, bookmark, form field, or page actionEach multimedia file includes a play area from which the media can be activated

csv to pdf

The play area typically appears on the PDF page as an image or a rectangle, but can also be invisibleAcrobat and Reader also let you play legacy multimedia files created using an earlier version of AcrobatThese include QuickTime, MPEG, ASF, RAM, and Windows® Media files

csv to pdf

However, Acrobat and Reader X do not provide a way to create legacy multimedia filesNote: To help protect your computer from viruses, Acrobat asks you if you want to play multimedia files from unverified sources

csv to pdf

You can change this default behavior in the Multimedia Trust preferences

Using the Hand tool or the Select tool, click the play area of the video or sound fileIt allows Acrobat to deliver an entire small document but revert to page-by-page delivery for large documents

This preference corresponds to the For Large Documents, Only Read The Currently Visible Pages option in the Accessibility Setup AssistantConfirm Before Tagging Documents When selected, lets the user confirm the options that are used before Acrobat prepares an untagged document for reading

Tagging can be a time-consuming procedure, especially for larger documentsThis preference corresponds to the Confirm Before Tagging Documents option in the Accessibility Setup Assistant

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